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I believe there should be something magical and unique about what is worn each day and I want to share this concept of clothing with others.


Many of these garments are reversible and are owned by textile collectors and university collections around the nation.


This collection includes vests, light jackets, short kimono, overlets, ponchos, and wraps.


The importance of clothing to mark the rituals of life and to indentify the individual is a direct influence in what I create...


Creativity is part of my being. It is something I have to do that comes from somewhere within and is part of how I communicate.

I create simple shaped garments inspired by ethnic origins. Designing and wearing this clothing has allowed me to evolve into an individual. As I wear my fiber pieces on the outside, I have gained strength and confidence within. My clothing is a tie to my heritage and to the women before me; my way of touching other cultures and times.

Having something magical draped upon the sculptural human form is an important part of my work: embellishments, fetishes, and always a hidden surprise. Hopefully each creation will affect both the wearer and viewer by its design, statement, and craftsmanship.